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Water Well Inspection & Maintenance
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Water Well Inspection & Maintenance Magnolia, TX

For those living in rural areas, a water well is a good source of clean, fresh, and potable water. It can also be used for farm irrigation.

In Magnolia, homes with water wells are common, especially in areas that may not be connected to a municipal water system. Whether you have a well on your property or want one installed, water well inspections are an essential part of regular maintenance and upkeep.

At 1 Source Water Well & Septic, we provide affordable and reliable water well installationrepair, and maintenance services so that you can always count on a safe and fresh water supply.

When to Schedule a Water Well Inspection

You should have your well inspected annually to determine the safety and cleanliness of the groundwater. An accredited testing laboratory will test for the presence of dangerous water-borne bacteria to prevent water-borne diseases such as E. coli infections and dysentery. These water purity tests will also detect algal blooms.

Additionally, you should get your water well tested every three years to determine pH levels and the number of dissolved solids. However, if you are living in an industrial or agricultural zone, you should also test regularly for the presence of heavy metals and pesticide residue.

You also need to have the structure of your water well inspected every ten years. Over time, your water well can degrade due to natural wear and tear. Getting the structure checked regularly can identify potential issues and prevent them from worsening. You can also use the resulting water well completion report to determine the efficiency of your water well in terms of flow rate and yield.

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Why You Need Regular Well Inspections

1 Source Water Well & Septic
  • Regular Care and Maintenance:

    A well-maintained water well has many uses, such as providing drinking water, providing fresh water for your home or business, and irrigation water. If given the proper care and maintenance, a water well can last up to 50 years. Since wells have mechanical parts that can break down over time, regular maintenance is required to ensure that your water well stays in good working order.

  • Ensure Clean Groundwater:

    If you’re using your well for drinking water or irrigation, it is critical that the water has the right pH level and is free from harmful microorganisms and heavy metals. Well inspections can verify whether the water is safe for drinking, bathing, and other domestic uses, as well as for commercial use.

  • Protect Your Investment:

    Getting a water well installed on your property is not exactly cheap. A residential water well can cost up to $10,000 for a complete installation, while a commercial water well can cost as much as $25,000. Getting regular inspections protects your investment and ensures that you will continue to reap the benefits for as long as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced water well Inspection & Maintenance company in Magnolia or the surrounding area, give 1 Source Water Well & Septic a call today at (936) 297-8991 for your free quote.

The Well Inspection Process

At 1 Source, we guarantee a complete and thorough water well inspection process. Our checkup includes:

Flow Rate Test

This determines the water pressure and the total output of your water well. 

We check the water level before and during pumping to establish whether your system is functioning correctly.

Structural Checkup

Our technician will inspect the mechanical and electrical components of your water well, including the pump motor, the pressure switch contact, and the pressure tank.

Sanitation Check

The groundwater collected from your well will be subjected to various appearance, color, and odor tests. If the water is oily or cloudy, or if there is visible microorganism growth, we will perform further testing to determine the cause and possible treatments. We may also send off water samples to accredited laboratories to determine the cause of impurities in your water well.

After we conclude the water well inspection, you will receive a complete written assessment.

This assessment will include all test results as well as our professional recommendation to solve any issues you may have with your well.

Professional Water Well Maintenance

We provide the best water well maintenance in Magnolia, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our services include complete water well design, installation, maintenance, and repairs.

If you decide to get a water well installed, our trained and licensed technicians will personally survey your property to determine the best setup for your needs and budget. We will also provide helpful tips on caring for your water well correctly.

Call us today at (936) 297-8991 to get a free no obligation quote for your water well needs, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Water Well Restoration

If we determine that there are issues with your water well, the next step will be to rehabilitate and restore your water well to proper working order. There are three common problems with water wells: decreased water flow, reduced water yield, and contaminated water.

For decreased water flow or yield, the problem usually lies with defective or broken well parts. You could have a malfunctioning pump or a blockage in the pipes. You may need to replace broken parts or remove blockages.

For contaminated water, we may need to use physical or chemical cleaning treatments. Physical treatments involve using a brush attached to a high-pressure jet to remove mineral deposits and other impurities inside the well. We use chemical treatments to remove bacterial or algal growths in the groundwater.

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Having a water well on your property is an excellent investment for many reasons—it not only provides fresh and clean water but also increases the value of your property.

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