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Most commercial properties utilize public water supplies to pump water throughout their buildings and facilities. However, if your business is located in a more rural area, your property may use a commercial water well instead.

Using a commercial water well can save your business money on your water bill. However, sourcing your water from a well also puts you at a greater risk of water supply contamination, which could be dangerous for you, your employees, and your customers or visitors.

At 1 Source Water Well & Septic, we have extensive experience inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and installing commercial water wells throughout Montgomery County, Grimes County, Waller County, and the surrounding communities. You can rely on our team to keep your water safe and your well system running smoothly through our expert commercial water well services.

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What Is a Commercial Water Well?

A commercial water well is a large-scale, private well that provides water to a business or commercial property.

Most water wells use this process to source water:

  • A vertical hole, or well, in the ground reaches the saturated zone, or the below-ground area that houses groundwater.
  • Water from the aquifer fills the hole.
  • An electric pump draws the water above the ground.
  • Water from the surrounding aquifer replaces the pumped water and refills the hole.

Once the pump draws up water from the hole, your commercial water well system stores it in a tank and delivers it to the various faucets and fixtures through pipes in your building.

The Importance of a Commercial Water Well & Things to Consider

Commercial water wells can provide your business with an uninterrupted supply of clean, good-tasting water. However, without proper well maintenance, surface water seepage and groundwater movement can lead heavy metals and other hazardous materials to contaminate the water, putting your business at risk of a liability suit.

Similarly, depending on your type of business, your commercial activity may increase your risk of hazardous chemicals entering your water supply. For example, if you use harsh chemicals, cleaners, or paints within your day-to-day business activities, these materials could easily contaminate your well water.

An easy way to prevent and manage water contamination is to schedule regular inspections and maintenance appointments with a professional water well contractor. At 1 Source Water Well & Septic, we have the tools and expertise necessary to provide thorough inspections for our commercial clients, helping them identify issues with their water wells before they worsen.

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Commercial Water Well Services We Provide

If your business utilizes a commercial water well, you can feel confident leaving every aspect of the well’s maintenance, repair, and replacement in our hands.

At 1 Source, we utilize the best tools and processes in the industry to provide top-quality commercial water well services for business owners like you.

Commercial water Well Services
  • Commercial Water Well Inspections

    Leaving water well issues unattended could be dangerous for your business. If a client or visitor should become ill due to your contaminated well water, they could file a liability lawsuit against you, costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages.

    However, scheduling yearly inspections with our 1 Source Water Well & Septic contractors is an easy way to avoid putting your visitors and employees at risk. During our annual inspections, we will check your system for any mechanical defects, leaks, or rust. We will also perform a water test to ensure that your water is safe to drink.

  • Commercial Water Well Installation, Replacement, and Repairs

    When you notice an issue with your commercial water well, you probably want to repair it and restore the well to its regular functioning as quickly as possible. Thankfully, you can rely on our team to complete all commercial water well repairs within a few days or less. If desired, we can even work outside of your regular business hours to prevent disrupting your workflow.

    However, if your water well is more than thirty years old or experiences frequent malfunctions, it may be more beneficial to upgrade the well to a new design. Our team can recommend the best commercial water well design for your property, take out your old well, and install your new one within ten business days or less.

  • Commercial Water Well Engineering & Design

    Water wells are highly complex systems that require special designs and engineering to function correctly. If you’re considering installing a new commercial water well on your property, you can trust our 1 Source Water Well & Septic contractors to create a commercial water well design that suits your water usage needs and stands up to decades of use within your business.

Commercial Water Well Services Done Right the First Time

We know that running a business can be time-consuming, and maintaining your water well may not be your top priority. However, our team of water well experts is prepared to handle every aspect of owning, maintaining, repairing, and installing a water well for you, allowing you to dedicate your time to your company.

At 1 Source Water Well & Septic, we use high-quality equipment and materials and provide a 1 year warranty. Contact our team today at 936-297-8991 to receive a same-day quote for your water well services.